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The season started a couple of weeks ago, but despite a trip a week past, I’ve yet to see any consistent hatch activity.

However, for the first time in a couple of years, I’ve done a good batch of fly tying, so I’ll be ready when any fly of any size decides to hatch. Deer hair emergers, snoeshoe emergers and a few other scruffy odds and sods. More than ever, I’m planning to keep things simple this year.

A full 5 years ago (this blog was started barely a few years after Sheffield Wednesday were relegated, it’s that old now) I wrote an overly long and narcissistic post (this is a blog after all) about the ultimate fly tying storage solution. Find the post here for the brave.

Well, and I do love the true randomness of this, I was contacted the other day by someone who’s blog I linked to in that post. She kindly took the time to inform me, and I’m now passing this on, that the Cube can be purchased again online. Find it here. It’s a neat thing actually, although truth be told I’ve since migrated my storage solution to new pastures. May all your Cubes dominate.

You wait all day for a fly, then 4 come along at once..

I’m sure many folks have already come across this, but for those like me who hadn’t then I’ll draw your attention to Davie McPhail’s YouTube channel. He has a fantastic collection of tying videos on the channel, way more than I’ve seen before and of very high quality. Pretty incredible what you can get for free really, considering what some folks charge for their fishing/tying videos.

Winter fly tying can lead to strange and wonderful(?) things. This creation, tentatively named the Mickles Tickle, resulted from a nuclear reaction between a zoo cougar, a woolley bugger and some chicken madras. It was then liberally sprinkled with shavings of Andre Brun’s trout streamer. I’ve no doubt it will prove to be hot stuff next season.

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