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A beautiful evening on Sunday, soft pink light and very still.

…of the year. Wind chill must have been -10C on top of Caerketton Hill.

It’s been a while since I was out trotting along in the hills, so I took myself up the local hills (Caerketton and Allermuir) for a couple of hours this afternoon. Taking it easy and managed to do all right, despite the creaky knees. Some beautiful light provided a nice treat to finish the weekend.

Not sure exactly why, but I’ve just registered for my first hill race. It’s the (reasonably famous) Carnethy 5 here in the Pentland hills. Perhaps it’s a last desperate attempt to feel like I’ve achieved something in my 20s, or perhaps it’s just to see how far away from ‘fit’ I really am. Whatever the case, come February 12th, it’s going to be carnage….

…it’s time for forks and tooth picks.

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