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We interrupt the current spate of news items (including but not limited to, Wikileaks leaking, snowy winter, forgetful coalition partners etc..) to bring readers’ attention to a truly important piece of news.

Glasgow wins title of Curry Capital of Britain.

It’s been a long while with no good posts. A new job and busier life are making blog time extremely limited. However, I spotted this and couldn’t resist posting it up.

“Baldness ‘could be good for your health’ say scientists”, from the BBC website…

Slightly reassuring for those of us feeling light headed in the non-alcoholly way.

Well the day had to arrive eventually. Yes indeed Ladies and Gentlemen, Dr. Tamanawis is going fishing tomorrow. Things have got so desperate that I’m referring to myself in the third person again. Dangerously pretentious times that clearly betray his degrading state of mind. Strewth, time to get out..

bigfishThis is a big fish. I caught this big fish, all by myself, about 3 years ago. It weighed 3lb, which is of course rather a lot for a grayling. The photo is getting trundled out yet again just to remind readers that I can catch fish, in case things don’t go swimmingly tomorrow..

So yes, yes indeedeo, I’m positively itching to get out now.. So much so that I’m wasting time writing this crap right now, at 9pm, becasuse it seems like the right sort of commemerative thing to do. So, hold your breath, there is going to be a post on Tamanawis in the next few days that actually describes fishing. I can’t wait. Tight lines Dr. Tamanawis, you’re fighting for mankind.

Just had to post this.

First off a wonderful wee article about the vendace, the UK’s rarest freshwater fish: click here.

Then a pretty unbelievable, and extremely unrelated, article from down in New Zealand: click here. Gave me a good wee chortle that one.

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It’s not fishing, but it is amazing.

I saw something this weekend to make your eyes widen and your pee turn slightly purple. I was on a wee single track road in the west highlands, checking out a loch I want to fish. Suddenly a sheep came zipping past, faster than I ever realised a sheep could travel (that wasn’t in shrink wrap in the back of a Sainsbury’s lorry). A swift, slightly manic`bound’ I would say. About two seconds later a pair of collies tore past me and bolted up the grassy bank to try and cut off the sheep’s escape route. The whole shebang then ensued, around the corner, before replaying in the opposite direction as once more the sheep bounced past me along the road with the dogs in eager chase. This time, however, there was a cattle grid fifty yards down the road. I expected the sheep to come to a spluttering halt, but instead she jumped clean over the grid and careered off down the road. Even the wily dogs were careful enough to go through the large open gate right next to the grid.


For the last two days I’ve woken up with this bizarre image in my mind of that fluff ball of a sheep in mid-air over the cattle grid. I went to check it out, and it was longer than I am tall, which must make it at least 2 metres. That is some sheep.

Fishing this weekend I hope. Then it’ll be back to real blog posts and not this kind of sheepishness.

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