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Competing interests in the countryside is not a new phenomenon. But I couldn’t help bring attention to this short piece by the BBC which covers a part of the world dear to me and plenty of other anglers in central-southern Scotland. The John Muir Trust (good people, see the link on the left) are looking to secure the ecological future of the Talla and Gameshope estate (there’s a nice PDF at that link) at the upper end of the River Tweed. As usual, interests from landowners, farmers, would-be windfarm developers and envorinmentalists do battle.

Watch the short piece here.

… thought I’d see this day. From the BBC:

Coastal farm ban urged to protect wild fish stocks


Fish farm and lice link tricky, says Marine Scotland


It’s vaguely fish related, but certainly worth a watch for UK residents…

The Secret Life of Waves.

Interesting news article this morning on the front page of the BBC Scotland website. Conservationists and environmental campaigners seem to have struggled of late to get much publicity on this issue, so it’s good to see the other side of the salmon farm debate get some airtime.

Interesting article this morning on the BBC website.

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