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It’s been a quiet summer for fishing with trips few and far between. This is mostly due to a new job, spending lots of time rock climbing and visiting Mongolia for a month in June (a fishing report about that will surface eventually). There are at least some fruits of that labour, with a newly uploaded gallery from the trip. Visit it here.

A beautiful evening on Sunday, soft pink light and very still.

…of the year. Wind chill must have been -10C on top of Caerketton Hill.

It’s been a while since I was out trotting along in the hills, so I took myself up the local hills (Caerketton and Allermuir) for a couple of hours this afternoon. Taking it easy and managed to do all right, despite the creaky knees. Some beautiful light provided a nice treat to finish the weekend.

Started to get properly cold last week, down to freezing in Edinburgh on one night. Snow in the Highlands as well. Not long now until it’s time to head off for some frozen bollocks on the grayling streams… In the meantime, some photos from my jaunt up the hill yesterday evening. Overcast and very windy, but beautiful blue light, and feeling very autumnal.

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