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The season’s passing has me wondering about all the places I didn’t fish this year. The hundreds and hundreds of lochs and lochans which have drawn my imagination away from this desk. They’ll be there again, next year, calm and fiesty pools in which to cast away an hour’s thoughts.

…and with it streams flow a little colder and faster.

A beautiful evening yesterday, after a day with 12 hours of sunshine, the first for quite some weeks. So good in fact that I tottered up along the Pentland ridge for some minutes and ported the wee camera too.

Red sky

What a beautiful view a couple of nights ago as I glanced out the window at 10pm. Best guess I can come up with is a lenticular cloud. I’ve seen lots of these clouds in photos by Galen Rowell, most commonly associated with mountain areas. There are mountains not too far from here I suppose, but whatever caused it I’m glad it did. Perhaps it’s time to call in the cloud busters, aka The Cloud Appreciation Society..


All this changeable weather we’re having is playing havoc with the river levels. I suppose it’s a good thing given the incredibly dry May/June period. It’s also a good thing because some of the evening skies over the past days have been terrifically beautiful.

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