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Welcome to the review pages of Tamanawis. Here you will find honest opinions of some of my fishing and walking gear. I will not review anything that has not been extensively used (and quite possibly abused). This section will continue to grow, so stay tuned.. Finally, please first read the wee disclaimer below.

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If you are a company, writer or generally nice chap and you would like something reviewed, please contact me by email via the Contact page. I’d be delighted to try it out.

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Fishing Gear

WJ GBC William Joseph Gear Bag Chest
no image yet Orvis Clearwater Endura Waders (imcomplete)

Hillwalking gear

photon_hoody.jpg Rab Photon Hoody
rev_cascada_dirty.jpg Paramo Cascada Trousers
rev_arete45.jpg Bergaus Arete 45 Rucksac
rev_high5_2.jpg Lowe Alpine High-5 Mitts
rev_daschtein1.jpg Daschtein Mitts
rev_poles_handle.jpg Alpkit Walking Poles
rev_socks.jpg Smartwool Winter Socks
review_the_hat.jpg A Woolly Hat

Camping gear

rev_alpkit_mats.jpg Alpkit Sleeping Mats


Many of these reviews contains links to companies that sell the gear. This is because I hate reading reviews that do not point the reader in a useful direction. Please note that I have no affiliation with any links provided from this section, and so I cannot be responsible for any good (or otherwise) service you may experience. However, I can say that I have successfully used all companies I link to, and have been satisfied with their service. I will simply not link to any companies with whom I have not had personal experience. Caveat emptor!

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