Daschtein Mitts

Whilst on the subject of gloves, I’d be crazy to miss out on Daschtein mitts. These are proper outdoor gloves, made of shrunken lambs wool. No hairy fair merino stuff here either, the proper stuff, itchy and all. These are quite simply the warmest gloves I own. Even my mother finds them warm, and her hands are frequently icicles. Trust me folks, that is pretty savage.


They are incredibly windproof and have an uncanny ability to bring your fingers back to life when they’ve gone North of numb. The early Himalayan climbers used to wear two pairs for all their high level climbing, so I count on a single pair to provide ample warmth in any UK spring/autumn/winter conditions. Their use for fishing might be restricted to resurrecting AWOL hands, but if I’m ever out in the hills in minging weather they will be in my bag.



More reviews over at Outdoorsmagic.

Buy them from Needlesports (scroll down a bit).


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