Lowe Alpine High-5 Mitts (now called Convert Mitten Glove)

I’ve found the single most difficult bit of outdoor clothing to get right has been gloves. Either you’re charging up a hill sweating manically and overheating or you’re wading navel deep in snow melt and freezing to death. Whatever the case, it’s always the hands that suffer first.


Since you fish, eat, tie flies and use a compass with your hands, they’re probably the most important bit of anatomy to look after (apart from feet of course) so suitable gloves are well worth a little consideration and proper investment. A recent addition to my winter armory has been a pair of Lowe Alpine High-5 mitts (they are now called the ‘Convert Mitten Glove I believe). These are just like standard mitts, except that you can fold back the material over the fingers and thumb to reveal fingerless gloves underneath. This is an old trick, but one that these gloves seem to pull-off quite well. After many trips using them, for both hillwalking and fishing, I can safely say that they are the solution I’ve been looking for. They’re made of warm fleece, but it seems to be a little more windproof than standard stuff.


I still think that cold hands will always be an inevitable fact of fishing in winter, but these have been by far the best way I’ve found for controlling the big freeze.


I cannae remember where I bought mine, but have a look around, and don’t pay more than about £18.