This is a bit of a long shot, but I’m due to be in Montreal/Toronto for a few days at the start of June for a conference, and I wondered if any readers of this blog had any suggestions for where/what I might fish for, should I get the chance? I always try to pack a 5 weight rod and some flies when I travel, but I know pretty much nothing about fishing in this part of the world. Any suggestions, contact me through this blog, or by email (mike AT I like river fishing but anything salmonid-related would be great… I’ll probably have a hire car and up to 2-3 days to travel..

The season started a couple of weeks ago, but despite a trip a week past, I’ve yet to see any consistent hatch activity.

However, for the first time in a couple of years, I’ve done a good batch of fly tying, so I’ll be ready when any fly of any size decides to hatch. Deer hair emergers, snoeshoe emergers and a few other scruffy odds and sods. More than ever, I’m planning to keep things simple this year.

It isn’t exactly Beethoven, but hopefully you’ll get the message.

Reconnect from Mike Tamanawis on Vimeo.

Less than a month until it’s time to reconnect with the flow…


It’s been a quiet summer for fishing with trips few and far between. This is mostly due to a new job, spending lots of time rock climbing and visiting Mongolia for a month in June (a fishing report about that will surface eventually). There are at least some fruits of that labour, with a newly uploaded gallery from the trip. Visit it here.

I have lost count of the number of times I’ve fished the Upper Tweed and blanked. I think my success rate (in terms of even remotely ‘countable’ fish) must be 20% at best. I keep going back though as it’s a lovely place to spend a couple of hours. There’s a strange magnetic presence, something about the light and the hills and the profound quiet. I hope this short sequence captures something of a summer evening of blanking up there.

Beautiful and fishless from Mike Tamanawis on Vimeo.

Note that the Vimeo compression is pretty severe, so click the video link to watch it on Vimeo in HD (a bit better but still nothing like what I see at home).

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